Thanks Sam the Magic Man. The kids are wrapped. They said it was like being out in the country... So real mum.

We were super impressed at the quality of the product. It did what you said and more. 

James and Jenny @ Manly Beach

I am Magic Man's (Sam's) website designer. I came to know him through a client, Sam wanted to get a website made. When he told me about his business, I wasn't really sure what he means when he said "I paint 3D Nightsky". However, I was curious to see it myself. So I decided to get it painted for my son and at 2 of my friends' places (as a birthday gift for their kids). I was taken by surprise when I saw Nightsky the first time. Totally unique and creative. Kids just love it! Sam is a really nice person and very creative, and best of all, he is fond of kids (father of young kids himself) thus he understands them and puts 200% effort in painting 3D Nightsky.

Thanks a lot for 3 paintings for Addy, Neil and Neeti (friends' twins) and for Cayden (friend's son). We all love it!

Mann and Monica @ Quakers Hill

Hi Sam, we strongly recommend you and your product Sam. The twins said this is their best present ever.

We appreciate you being so nice and approachable with the kids whilst you were in our house. They felt really included. Keep spreading the Magic!

Kind Regards,

Barbara and Jim @ Hurstville

Hi Sam. Thanks for coming and doing Alexs room in the spaceship theme. It is even better than you explained it in real life. He now waits impatiently for the sun to go down so he can go join his Buzz Lightyear and his galaxy that you painted. I hear him in there talking to Buzz (lol). My Hubby has taken to putting Alex to bed and lying with him for half an hour just so he can unwind. Please donbe surprised if we get you back to do our room.

PS. We told Alex he had a surprise in his room and he would have to find it. He never found it until we turned the lights out!! Thanks again.

Catherine Wong @ Campbelltown

Hi Magic Sam. WOW, you blew our minds. We still cant believe how real it looks. Maddy now wants to be an astronaut! Really is funny listening in on her talking to herself. So thanks for being so nice. You left our house with a really positive vibes. Oh and Maddy named a star after you!! Thanks for fitting is in on short notice, we really appreciated that.

Jules Smith @ Narellan

Sam it is really nice to meet someone that loves what they do. It really shows! Its even better when our shy kids warmed to you so quickly and were able to have some fun with you. Regarding the ceiling and feature wall, its just crazy how real it looks. We have taken you advice and blocked out all light to the room at night time. It is so 3D that I swear I could put my hand through the roof. Angie loves her fairy portal and Dax just adores his spaceships. I will highly recommend you to our friends.

Renee and Julian (and Angie and Dax) @ Oran Park

Thanks Sam for you visit yesterday and the Job you did. Little Brendo just loves it. He asked today why it s taking so long for the sun to go down (lol). Thanks for suggesting the black light to charge the stars up, the sunlight in our unit just was not enough... well it was perfect for me, but little Brendo likes the colours really glowing. He was asleep in about a half hour after he went to be... as you said he would be. I feel very lucky that I came across your little business. All the best getting it back to full swing.

Eman O'Neill @ Campbelltown

Sam you have made our week! What a truly unique and amazing passion you have and shared with us. Thanks for coming all the way to Terrigal for us. I mean people always talk up their business to get sales, but this was way above what Id thought it was going to be. I was hoping for it to be at least half of how you described it over the phone, but the final product was just astounding...... and thats me talking now Ben. Ben thought you were the greatest. I hear him talking to the stars and thanking you for doing it for him (hahah). I'll spread the word on the Central Coast for you. Thanks again.

Tanya @ Terrigal

Thank you Magic Man. It was a real pleasure to have you in our house and paint such an amazing and life like night

sky for Hayden. Thanks also for doing MY room for me at the end. They hubby was iffy before you turned up but after he saw Haydens room, he had no choice, even he is impressed! It really is as real as you said it would be! It really does wind you down; thinking of nothing as you stare really does make you sleepy. Anyways, thanks again from all of us.

Tammy Hicks @ Oran Park

Sam you have a new fan. Little Max just does not stop talking about you! Oh, he also talks about the magic ceiling

you painted him. He now asks me to leave his night light off so he can see the stars even BETTERA (hehe). Such a little niche business you have, Id never heard of anything quite like it. You need to increase you advertising and get the word out. We will be in touch when number 2 is a little bit older. Cheers for now,

Bella @ Currans Hill

Sam Sam the Magic Man. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a treat to discover a product so different and wonderful. I can appreciate this as an adult 100%, but as a kid, it s another level. Little Ivy just loves that fairy land you created her, loves it. Im sure she will appreciate that amazing Milky Way you did when she gets a little bit bigger. Thanks for fitting us in on a Sunday, we will not forget it.

PS: The black light really does bring out the colours. Its going to be great for when the sleep overs start!! All the best.

Phylis @ the Shire

Just a quick note to say a big  THANK YOU. It is just as you said, so real! Bradley has not stopped thanking me for his birthday present! It was a pleasure doing business with you . We will recommend to all our friends. 

Sarah @ Mt Annan


Sam its not often that Im 100% satisfied with something Ive purchased. So imagine my surprise when I am! The little ones just love it also, which was the point right! What a beautiful concept. And what made it so much better was how nice you were to the kids. They loved picking the stencils that they wanted. Hope you keep going with this, youre on a winner.

Daphnia @ Elderslie

Hi Sam, I can now see why you did not want to show me photos. They just do not do it justice. Thanks for coming across the mountains for us. Your painting is just amazing. The kids literally canwait to get to bed to enjoy. Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

Claire White @ Wollongong

Sam I cant believe Ive never seen or heard about this before. Its nice to be surprised when you find a genuine  product, and provided with such passion.

Thanks again, 

Angus @ Edmundson Park


What an amazing Christening present for our little Nate. Its something that will not be put into a box and forgotten about. Godfather Timmy is in the good books for LIFE. Keep up the good work mate!

Tim @ Manly Vale