A Nightsky Magic mural is a one-of-a-kind creation. It is a hand-painted starscape that will recreate the wonder of the night sky on your childs bedroom ceiling, using the latest glow in the dark paints.

These sparkling creations are invisible during the day. At nightthe ceiling sparkles to life to reveal a 3D vision of shining stars and galaxies.

Every Nightsky magic mural is unique – you can customise your creation to add comets, spaceships, planets and moons... just like the universe, the possibilities are endless!

Children's bedrooms are a popular canvas, but Nightsky Magic murals can be painted virtually anywhere – I've even painted indoor swimming pool ceilings and walls!


Check out the video below to find out more. If youve got any questions, just fill in the form below, or give me a call!


1. Your children will want to go to bed - Thanks to Nightsky Magic, their plain white ceiling transform and calm them with a soothing night sky glow every night.

2. Some children may no longer need a night lights because of the gentle glow of the mural – they may also be more likely to stay in their own bed.

3. As the mural is invisible during the day, it doesn't affect the decor, color or surroundings of the bedroom.


4. Fantastic aid for kids and adults with insomnia or who just struggle to fall asleep. Focusing on one thing is the answer to being calm and getting to sleep. Nightsky Magic makes you do just that!!


5. A mural that your child will not grow out of - People of all ages love sleeping under the stars.


Watch the video and see how NIGHTSKY MAGIC is done?

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