NOTE: Photos and video provided really are a terrible example as to what and how good this product really is. Photos show a flat 2D appearance rather than the amazing 3D real life appearance these magical masterpieces actually are. I reluctantly provide them, but do so just so you can get a brief glimpse of what Nightsky Magic is all about. 

On the Job Photos

WOW. The Platinum Deluxe Milky Way
Roof Colour in the Daytime
Pretty Butterflies
Name Porthole
Magic Happening -Milky Way
No Milky Way is the same!
Mirage Porthole - Medium
Medium Porthole - Marvel
Buzz Porthole
I see a Dinasor in this... do you?
Looks much more amazing in person!
All hand painted
Are you ready to sleep under this?
Porthole Meteor shower
Marvel and Milky Way
A definite crowd favorite!
More of the Milky Way
Single Colour Milky Way
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Roof Colour in the Daytime